Welcome to The Drug Free Network


We specialize in on-site drug testing at the workplace or school site.  Please take a look around, especially at the Mobile Laboratory (our specialty).  We are a full service drug testing company servicing all of Southern California.

We work with every aspect of the Drug Free Workplace, from initial company assessments, policy development, policy implementation, drug testing (pre-employment, random, post accident, reasonable suspicion), supervisor training, employee training and so much more! We have experience in every industry and know exactly what needs to be implemented to keep you compliant with both federal (Department of Transportation), and state laws.  Our experts would be happy to review your current policies to ensure that you are up to date and in compliance with all applicable guidelines.

For information, please call us at (888) 343-6673 toll free or e-mail us at info@drugfreenetwork.org.

Our parent company is H&S Business Services, LLC.  You can find our homepage at www.drugfreenetwork.org.

We are happy you stopped by!